Testimonial from Laxmidas, Nairobi         
The first time we got it, we put it under our water filter without the knowledge  of our other family members, all of whom noticed the water being sweet to taste as compared to tasteless water before the Bio Disc. Also the water would be very cold. The biodisc was then put under my mother’s bed and she now sleeps very comfortably. Before, she would experience muscle pull/cramps, pains from hip to toe, restlessness, all of which stopped the moment she started having the biodisc under her bed. She is physically and mentally very relaxed, after having a peaceful night's sleep. Three days ago, we had a function which a lot of guests attended and where a lot of food was prepared.  Attending to the guests left my mother very tired and with a stiff neck. I used the biodisc together with a torch (rotating anticlockwise) for about ten minutes.  All her neck muscles relaxed and she started breathing without any strain.

At other times, she experiences acute pain from her shoulder to the elbow as well as on her knee(due to osteoporosis) and I do the same treatment of torch + anticlockwise rotation of biodisc and her pain goes away or subsides greatly/ immensely.  I personally use this treatment for myself.  Being an accountant, I do a lot of eye work so my eyeball hurts for a day or two non-stop (unless I take painkillers) and after doing the torch rotation for about a minute, my pain goes away completely.

I hope our experiences will help our brothers and sisters worldwide to use these great products to their wellbeing/benefit.

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Bio Disc, The Miracles of Nature's Healing Power
( Diabetic, high blood pressure, high uric acid, high cholesterol )
Mrs Simatupang (Jakarta),  an elderly lady aged 72 years,  was diagnosed diabetic more than 20 years ago and has had various  'ever-lasting' complication of  accompanying problems such as eczema, high blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid.  She also had some sleeping problems with pains and frequent water- passing during night time. After around  A WEEK of  therapy using bio-disc energized water, an amazing progress was soon revealed…She is now much healthier with minimum medication and controlled symptoms; controlled blood sugar level, normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and normal uric acid level, and certainly least expenses for medication…….Now, no day without   energized water. She also was made possible for cataract surgery; something which was not possible to do before her blood sugar level was lowered.

( Sprained ankle )
Anna Sulastri (Jakarta) has a son who hurt himself and sprained his ankle. Knowing that it would be swollen the following day, she took her Bio Disc and spinned it over the ankle counterclockwise. Half an hour later, the pain  was gone, no swollen ankle the following day. The bio disc did great !!!!!

(stiff neck and backache)
Larisma was having  her recurrent problem, persistent stiff neck and backache due to her routine work as a secretary with a lot of distressing tasks and assignment at a growing private company when she paid a visit to her friend. There she was served a cup of biodisc energized water without knowing what it was. To her surprise,  she felt relieved only after 15 minutes…….She was  very happy, not only because of the instant effect, but also knowing that she would not need to see her  GP  and physiotherapist anymore, and of course….. less money for medication from then on…

( Kidney problem )
Melky (Kupang)  suffers from kidney failure and has been  undergoing some haemodialysis process TWICE A WEEK within the last year. It is an unpleasant experience; tiredness,  breathing difficulty,  sleepless during the night, measured liquid intake, lost appetite, water-passing difficulty, and a number of various side effects…. It was just a coincidence when her sister found out about Bio Disc and purchased one and started his theraphy using energized water. It took only TWO WEEKS to see the progess.  The whole family was surprised to find out that he can now sleep well, no breathing difficulty, has regained appetite, and obviously stronger (he can climb up the stairs, which was quite impossible to do before)….and a lot more improvement. Thanks to Bio Disc !!!!

(Recurrent pain)
Max (Depok) has a recurrent problem: pain in the knee and has had it for years and years. It did not take a while to be freed from the pain;  he spinned the Bio Disc over the knee counterclockwise and light it with a torch…. and….after 15 MINUTES  the pain was gone… Bio Disc really makes life much easier… and certainly healthier.

(Asthma, Headaches)
Leni suffers from severe asthma which is often  triggered by various simple things: walking short distances, going up the stairs, excitement, allergy to sea food, allergy to fur and feather and others. After using Biodisc, her suffering is so easily reduced, she simply  spins the biodisc over the chest and it is always a quick relieve… Now, she never leaves without home without her Bio Disc.
She also often suffers from frequent headaches and migraines.  Her headache was relieved only after two or three spins of Bio Disc near the head, and migraine was gone  by drinking a cup of  Bio Disc energized water.

(Kidney stone and Gallstone)
Anna Sulastri:
My mother-in-law once  had  KIDNEY STONE   and  GALLSTONE which needed to be removed by a surgery.  I decided to treat her with Bio-disc energized water continuously  everyday. To my surprise,  the second examination by the doctor  about a month later showed that the stones have turned into  much smaller masses.  Amazed,  the doctor  decided not  to perform any surgery  on her.  I then continued to  supply her with the  miracle water and it was a relieve  to find  that later she  was clear of the stones.

This miraculous Bio Disc  helped me and  my family a lot  especially when my aging father  once had a stroke.   He was then admitted to the hospital  and the  doctor  alerted  us that  my  father would need  to be hospitalized for  quite some time, probably  a month or so.   Having  a piece of Bio Disc,  I  tried to use it to help him recover. For four days I took him out  under  the morning sun dan  turn Bio disc counter clock wise over his body for about  half an hour.  It really worked !!! The doctor  was stunned to see him move his body on the fifth day and  finally  released  him from hospital on the 10th day. You know what the  good doctor said?  THIS IS ONE OF A MILLION CASES.......

(Brain Trauma)
Rev. Marcus:
After a traffic accident, I was suspected to suffer from a BRAIN TRAUMA  when I injured my head.  I  was unconcious after the incident and was  taken to the hospital. I  vomitted a lot, felt pains in my head and strong dizziness when I had  movements.   The medication did not help me to  sleep and I was in pains and I could not sleep not until a neighbor sent me some Bio Disc energy water.  It did not   take me long to doze off  and I really slept  well and soon regained my stamina. I was only hospitalized for several days, and I am now back to my routines. Thank you Bio Disc.

"The miraculous natural energy of  Bio Disc heals and treats a wide range of ailments, symptoms, and disorders"

Have a Bio Disc with you wherever you go and leave your family with plenty of pure water, use the Bio Disc to energize all fruits and vegetables in the fridge, for bathing or to have shower, or simply carry it with you to improve your aura.

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