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Availability of products varies between countries. Prices are the same worldwide and valid  for all countries.  Shipping & Handling cost  varies between countries starting from 29.00 USD to 65.00 USD. Click How to buy  a product  to check the present  total price.
For example:  Total cost of 1 pc of Biodisc2 for Nigeria:  USD 690 + USD 35 = USD 725 (for making a purchase as a Retail Customer)

Health and Wellness


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 Amezcua Chara details click HERE

Energy Watches

Force Maximus for Men
Force Maximus for Men’s.  Price: 1,150 USD
Force Maximus for Ladies. Price: 850 USD


The Force Maximus Watch has a built-in energy crystal that possesses positive energy wave forms proven to improve and harmonise energy levels of users. The energy crystal helps your body return to its most natural and interference-free state therefore improving your overall well-being.

 Force Maximus Watch details click HERE

LifeQode Supplements

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LifeQode product details click HERE

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