Amezcua Chakra



Modern medicine’s approach to health is almost exclusively focussed on the physical body. But those looking to really be – and stay! – healthy know that taking good care of our physical body is not going to be enough. To maintain, or even improve, our overall health and well-being, we must also consider the mind and energy systems. And while people are increasingly aware that a healthy mind is essential to a healthy life, the importance of our internal energy system has been relegated in some cultures.
The energy system flows in pathways or meridians, as blood flows in veins and thoughts in synapses. It travels across our body, sending what is called Prana or vital-energy force to all parts of our body.
Throughout these energy meridians, there are certain points (like organs in the physical body) that control the flow of energy and the energy levels in specific areas of our body. They’re called chakras, a Sanskrit word that can be translated as vortex or wheels.

Chakra is a system of seven energy centres located along the spine, from the perineum to the crown of your head. These seven energy points are your body’s energy ecosystem, associated with multiple physiological functions. Every chakra is visualised through a flower with a different number of petals and a different colour and is often associated with a sound, also known as mantra.

Key Benefits
Keep your chakras balanced and your energy field charged
Feel refreshed and rejuvenated
Improve the energy flow in your body
Support your spiritual well-being and growth

Description: Round Clear Glass
Diameter: 69 mm
Thickness: 5 mm

Suggested Applications
During meditation, hold the Amezcua Chakra in front of each of the body’s chakras in order to cleanse them and absorb the chakra’s positive energy. This can help you to learn how to keep your life balanced, turning your energy inward to promote vitality in mind and body. Or, by keeping the Amezcua Chakra close to your body, in a pocket for instance, you will keep it focussed on your energies and allow you to think more clearly.
Use the Amezcua Chakra to cleanse a space: use it in your home or office to cleanse the negative energies that can build up in those spaces. Place the Amezcua Chakra in a window or in a place where it will be seen by everyone who walks into the room. That will cleanse the area, teaching you the power of positive energy.
The Amezcua Chakra can also be used to energise your drinking water. Because it is made from augmented minerals that produce a special frequency, the molecular structure of any liquid is reformed to its peak condition, enhancing its biocompatibility, hydration and detox properties.