Testimonial from Eng Liang, Malaysia
On the 8 Feb 2007, I visited a patient, Mr Wong Ah Fooh 50 years old who suffer from liver cancer for the last 5 years – 2 days ago, Doctor has send him home to reunion with his family for CNY- as his condition is getting worse. When I saw him, his both legs, stomach were swollen. He is not able to walk, and hardly eat anything as his stomach was very painful. Face pale and so weak to even talk to me. What I do then was energized some water for him to drink (advise him to drink as much as possible) and place 4 bottles of water near his bed corners. And supply him water for the next 2 week. Today (14 days later), I went to see him again. To my surprise, he was the one to open the door for me. And his pain on the stomach has reduced a lot. Both legs were back to normal and he is able to eat food again. Amazing!

Testimonial from Linda, Malaysia
Kak Gee from Seremban has a sister who get stroke recently and has history of hypertension, her half body (right side) paralyse and even her mouth can’t speak. Kak Gee use her bio disc maximum as she can anti-clockwise to her sister almost every hour and put Bio Disc energised water to every corner of the room and bathe her. Surprisingly within 24 hrs, her sister slowly open her mouth & starts to speak, her right hand now can lift up and fingers can move! Amazing and this has help her family a lot as the improvement has give them a hope to see her sister back again.