Testimonial from Laxmidas, Nairobi

The first time we got it, we put it under our water filter without the knowledge of our other family members, all of whom noticed the water being sweet to taste as compared to tasteless water before the Bio Disc. Also the water would be very cold. The biodisc was then put under my mother’s bed and she now sleeps very comfortably. Before, she would experience muscle pull/cramps, pains from hip to toe, restlessness, all of which stopped the moment she started having the biodisc under her bed. She is physically and mentally very relaxed, after having a peaceful night’s sleep. Three days ago, we had a function which a lot of guests attended and where a lot of food was prepared. Attending to the guests left my mother very tired and with a stiff neck. I used the biodisc together with a torch (rotating anticlockwise) for about ten minutes. All her neck muscles relaxed and she started breathing without any strain.
At other times, she experiences acute pain from her shoulder to the elbow as well as on her knee(due to osteoporosis) and I do the same treatment of torch + anticlockwise rotation of biodisc and her pain goes away or subsides greatly/ immensely. I personally use this treatment for myself. Being an accountant, I do a lot of eye work so my eyeball hurts for a day or two non-stop (unless I take painkillers) and after doing the torch rotation for about a minute, my pain goes away completely.
I hope our experiences will help our brothers and sisters worldwide to use these great products to their wellbeing/benefit.