Testimonial from Lilian Chua, Singapore
During the launch of the Bio Disc in May, I went to KL with one of my down lines. After seeing the demo of the Bio Disc by Ian William Lyon, I was doubtful of the effects and had many questions about the claims. Many of my down lines who went to the launch were also doubtful of this new product and vouched that they would never believe in this ‘piece of glass’.
However, Thomas happened to buy two Bio Discs and let me have one to try. I started to experiment with this new product, energizing all my drinking water and also sleeping with it under my bed. I realized that I was no longer drinking coffee in the afternoons to keep myself awake anymore.
Previously, I usually felt very tired in the afternoons and would have to drink coffee to keep me going through the day. I used to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day and very often had severe headaches and migraines due to stress. I had to go for a massage once every month. However, after drinking Bio water for two weeks, I started to notice that I no longer had headaches and migraines as often and need not have to go for body massages any more since May. I started to share the goodness of the Bio Disc with my down lines and encouraged all of them to buy and try this wonderful product. They trusted my recommendation and bought the Bio Disc to try and all of them ended up very happy with the results.
I continued to experiment using the Bio Disc with vegetable and found that it removed the smelly chemical smells from vegetables, especially broccoli. I used Bio water to cook rice and found that the leftover rice didn’t turn bad even when I had left it overnight without putting it in the fridge.
The Bio Disc also helped my complexion. The pigmentation on my skin seemed to lighten due to improved blood circulation and the generation of new cells. My skin seems younger and firmer now.
I placed my hair dye on the Bio Disc when coloring my hair and found that my scalp didn’t itch as much as it used to because of the chemicals from the hair dye. Usually, my head would itch for one week after I coloured my hair. Also I find that even without using any conditioner for my hair, the colour does not run or fade. My hair is also softer and smoother.
Once, I injured my toe. It was very painful as the toe bones were injured. I used the Bio Disc with the torchlight to help disperse the blood clot and was surprised that the bruises caused by the blood clot totally dispersed the next day.
When I apply my foundation on the Bio Disc before I put on my make up, I find that my foundation stays the whole day without getting patchy, as my skin is very oily in nature.
I strongly recommend the Bio Disc to everyone and think you will be surprised with what this ‘piece of glass’ can do.
Lilian Chua
Testimonial from Julie Ying, Singapore
Why did I buy Bio Disc?
Because of my breathing problem. They said the disc can create energy and can maybe help me solve it. So I bought one and tried it.
One day while sitting down and reading my newspaper, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. I couldn’t breathe and so I used the disc and placed it on my chest, slowly feel better.
I drink the Bio water everyday and place the disc under my bed every night. When I wake up in the morning my body feels very light & fresh. I also had backache and skin problems. During the night when I sleep, my skin always felt very itchy. Now, my backache problem is much better and my skin no longer feels itchy and has become smooth. Also my breathing problem has been solved.
I can feel it improving my health.
Thank you.
Julie Ying (21.08.2006)
Testimonial from Ivy How, Singapore
Why did I buy this Bio Disc?
I bought it for my mum to use
Because both my mother’s legs get cramps every morning and her palms are always cold like ice. She always gets a sore throat and ulcers in her mouth. She doesn’t like to drink water because she doesn’t like the taste of the water. Every night her skin feels itchy and she will scratch herself.
After using Bio Disc for 2 months, she doesn’t feel her legs cramp as often. Now her palms feel warm and she doesn’t get sore throats and ulcers in her mouth. She now drinks a lot of water everyday because she finds that water tastes better and her skin doesn’t feel itchy anymore.
Ivy How (19.08.2006)
Testimonial from Florence Koh, Singapore
My sister’s name is Koh Geok Eng. She has been suffering from many illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, dry skin, varicose veins, body aches and obesity for more than 20 years (previously around 95 kg and now reduced to 80kg after taking slimming pills prescribed by doctors, for the past six months).
On 7/8/06, I visited her and made a few pails of Bio Water for her to drink and bathe in, preparing quantities enough to last her a week. When I made my 2nd visit to her on 16/8/06(9 days later) to make more Bio Water for her, I saw the following results on her.
1. Her skin was not so dry.
2. Co-incidentally, she had a severe headache during my 2nd visit so I used a torch with strong beam light to shine on her forehead and the top of her head in an anti-clockwise direction. After around 10 mins, her pains subsided. Thereafter, she asked me to treat her varicose veins pain on both her thighs. I used the above method to shine around 10 minutes on each of her thighs. Gradually, her overlapping veins were loosened and the pain was relieved.
I feel that Bio Disc can help the above ailments and would like to share its benefits with everybody.
Florence Koh (21.08.2006)

Testimonial from Jenny Chow, Singapore
Below is my testimonial of using Bio Disc.
1) I have sore throats almost every week. However, after drinking the bio water the pain has lessened.
2) I have dreams every night. After putting the bio disc under my bed, I am getting better sleep, although I am still having dreams.
3) I was carrying heavy files and sprained my left wrist. After a day, I felt the pain, I remember Ivy saying, after using the bio disc, that the pain on her wrist had been reduced. So I used the same method of moving the disc in an anti-clockwise direction and within five minutes, I didn’t feel the pain anymore. Until now, two weeks later, I don’t feel the pain unless I press on my wrist.
4) My skin has become smoother after drinking the bio water.
5) Sometimes when I have shoulder or neck aches, I will use Bio Disc, turning it in an anti-clockwise movement and lightening the pain.
6) Normally I feel tired, with little strength, when I wake up in the morning. However after taking a bath with bio disc, I feel more energized.
7) I poured the Bio water into a bowl of green plants and surprisingly, the color of the green plant became greener than it used to be.
8) When I drink coffee with the bio water, the taste becomes smoother and better.

Jenny Chow (06.09.2006)
Testimonial from Jiraporn Pavitpok, Singapore
I, Jiraporn Pavitpok would like to share with you about the Bio Disc. It’s really a miracle.
1) Can make hair softer after shampooing. My son, 17 years old is so unhappy with his hair texture. It’s hard and stiff like a brush. The hair stylist recommended him some hair cream to apply but this didn’t work. Now he bathes with the Bio Disc water everyday. He notices that his hair is softer and easier to style. Three weeks later, he went to see the same hair stylist. He’s also very surprised to see the changes.
2) Can make you love to drink water more. My daughter, 13 years old, hated to drink plain water because it’s tasteless. I explained to her that Bio Disc water is energy water that can enhance the taste and make her skin smooth and radiant. She believed me. After drinking the Bio Disc water, she asks for more. She said the water tastes so nice and feels like it drinking more and more. Now, her face is very fresh, less pimply, more shiny and has a healthy look.
3) Can make you feel fresh after washing your face. When I wake up in the morning. I still feel sleepy. I wash my face with Bio Disc water and suddenly, I feel fresh and have energy to work.
4) I bathe my pet rabbit with the Bio Disc water. Oh! I get the same result. Its fur is so soft and very nice to touch.
It’s unbelievable! It’s a miracle!
Jiraporn (14.09.2006)
Testimonial from Annie Koh, Singapore
My name is Annie Koh. Previously, I had very dry, wrinkled, saggy skin and also large patches of dark-brown pigmentation on my face, arms & legs.
Although I had the above problems for more than 5 years, I didn’t want to waste any more money on health and beauty products to treat them as I had already lost faith in those products. Some time at the end of June 06, my sister bought a Bio Disc and started to make Bio Water for me to drink and bathe with daily. After using the Bio Water for around 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was less dry and wrinkled.
Before I knew about Bio Disc, I had been seeking treatment from western doctors (4 times) and chinese physicians (5 times) for more than 3 months for throat pains and bad coughs but my condition did not improve much even after so many treatments. When I started to use Bio Water at the end of June 06, I was still on Chinese medication so I took the medicine with Bio Water. About one week later, my throat pain was gone and my cough condition also recovered a few days after.
Due to the amazing results in just two weeks, I decided to buy a Bio Disc. Up-to-date, I have used the Bio Disc for almost 3 months. The dark-brown pigmentation on my face, arms & leg have been lightened and the patches have also been reduced in size. My skin is not so dry and wrinkled and its tone is more even and less saggy now.
In addition to the above, my sister told me that I snored very loudly when asleep. She had tried for a few nights placing the Bio Disc under my bed to prove its effect. After half an hour, she noticed that my snoring had been reduced to just breathing sounds. I am so glad that this Disc solved my embarrassing situation when I am on tour with my friends.
The Bio Disc has had fantastic results on me so I eagerly want to share my testimonial with all the users.
Annie Koh (19.09.2006)
Testimonial from Jasmine Foo, Singapore
My name is Jasmine Foo. I heard about Bio Disc at the end of June 06 but I didn’t believe that that small piece of glass could do the wonders as stated in its pamphlet. During one of the gatherings at the end of July 06, I met a few friends whose had been using the Bio Disc. I noticed tremendous changes in them. Their skin was not so dry and dark pigmentation areas were lighter. They also shared their other benefits with me. I then decided to buy the Bio Disc to benefit my family.
On 1st of August 2006, I started to use the Bio Disc. After using for more than six weeks, the obvious benefits for my mother and myself are as follows: –
My Mum’s Testimonial
1) Her skin is not so dry and her dark brown spots/patches on her face & hands are getting lighter in color.
2) Once she complained about headache. So I used the torchlight and rotated at around the Bio Disc in an anti-clockwise direction at the affected area. It took only 5 minutes before she said the pain had subsided.
My Testimonial
1) After using it for 2 days, I noticed that a lot of mucus (very watery type) flowed out from my nose whenever I sneezed. This situation occurred continuously for a few days and since then, it has not occurred again. I am glad that Bio Water has also improved my immunity, as I did not get flu since then, as compared to the past, which was almost every few weeks.
2) I had constipation problems for many years. Before using Bio Water, I could usually clear my system around every 3 days. Now my constipation situation has abated and the faeces are in a much healthier form.
3) In the past, I drank coffee every morning and had the urge for coffee again in the afternoon. After using Bio Water for around few weeks, I noticed that I don’t urge for coffee again in the afternoon as I don’t get tired so easily.
I am glad to make this wise decision to buy the Bio Disc as it has improved my mum’s and my long existing problems. As such, I hope our testimonials will help others in making their decisions early to gain its benefits.
Jasmine Foo (21.09.2006)