I think that everything started when I was a little girl, and its appear on my neck a little bulges, which got down to my lung, and what could seem a small childhood thing, got complicated and they had to put me radiotherapy to burn it, cause they could not make a surgery, due its was touching the vocal chords and others important organs. They told to my mother, if, with this there are no results, she could say good bye to me. On that time we did not know, how they called this disease, today I know that it was a cancer and that God put his hands over me and keep doing it. After this I had my body every time tired and with so many pains. I was a clumsy girl, no run, little activities and exercises. So its was my childhood, I grow up thank a God and after 25 years old, I had 10 surgeries, 2 of them on the back, not so graves, but they made me slightly injured. You could not imagine, how strong and continuous pain I have, furthermore I have fibrosis. When I first heard about Bio Disc, I thought: “First to my sister, but I want also for me”, and so its was, and Bio Disc is wonderful, I think that I am another person, I work 8 hours out side home, as ever, but now that I have my Bio Disc, I am fresh, with wish to do more and more; home work, other activities, with a good mood, its changes my character , even my character was ever calm down but it is now more rich, I think that is correct word. I am 51 years old and I feel so good that there is no activity to stop me; I am glad, I am happy, I think that thanks this doctor we are coming back to life. There are so many people, like me, who are so tired of suffering.
I have my Bio Disc on me all day, except when I am using it to energize water. Last week I have my hand cut (on the palm) and after cure it, I hold my Bio Disc all afternoon, after 2 days when I got out the cure, my hand was practically healed, Its is unbelievable! I say that I will never be apart of it, for my all my life.
When Lucy gave me some papers all together and told me, “when you have a little time read this, it is so good and for sure it will interest you, but do not hurry. I confess that I felt a little bit surprised, because the place where she told me, there were nothing to do with the Bio Disc, but I has no doubt that it could interest me, because for me Lucy is so special and the place and circumstances where we were much more, so I knew that she was giving me something special.
I did not take more than 2 days to read the 18 sheet of papers she gave me, and I was wondered, and I thought: “If it is really like what is saying here: what happiness!! I should also confess that I did not think about me, but yes about my sister Manola Alonso, who are on psychiatric treatment for so many years, (for me too much years), and we did not see any progress because the sadness, disillusionment, tiredness, discouragement and all these things, that get around this disease, were all the time with her.
All family asked to God for her, and all of us endure so bad times, we believed and saw the worse. Furthermore this disease she has tendonitis on one of her shoulders, and almost the same on one of her elbow, in other words a so sad medical profile.
The fact is that in the first week that I sent her the Bio Disc, her character started to change, she started to sleep better, to have wish to do home tasks, in one word she started to be excited again. God! There were so many years we did not see her so, we could not believe. I am not ashamed to say that we all cried of happiness to see her alive again, I say alive, because that is the true: she was in one point where to live was the less important to her. Maybe this testimony could help some people who are passing by the same situation that my sister is letting behind, she is 45 years old, and she lost some years of her life with the disease.
I want say to the person, who made possible that so many people could to heal up or at least to get better (what is happening with my sister), God bless you!
I believe on doctors, because all my life I had them around, but overalls I believe on people, on the humility, the sincerity and on love and of course Bio Disc was thought and projected with so much Love!
I should say another thing, I never thought about Bio Disc’s price, but yes about the results, and today I could give my testimony that it is so good.